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Liu Hearing Today

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The Senate Judiciary Committee's second hearing on the nomination of Goodwin Liu, to push the Ninth Circuit even further out of the mainstream than it already is, will begin at 2:45 ET (11:45 PT) today.  A live webcast is available on the committee site.

David Ingram at BLT has this post, noting that one of the new members of the committee is Senator Mike Lee of Utah.  Lee is a former law clerk to Justice Alito, whom Liu said was too far out of the mainstream to be confirmed.  I expect he will be keenly aware that Liu is further from the mainstream than Alito and therefore should not be confirmed if judged by his own standard.

Update:  David Ingram has this post-hearing post at BLT.  Liu disavowed the rhetorically problematic last paragraph of his testimony against Alito.  However, it does not appear from the post or from the portion of the hearing that I was able to watch today that he disavowed the substance of his attack, which is the bigger problem.  See prior posts here and here.

1 Comment

At least Judge Pryor had the guts to stand by a lot of his commentary. Liu lacks moral courage.

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