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Monday Orders and This Week's Arguments

The regular Monday orders list from the US Supreme Court today is rather unremarkable.  Stoval v. Miller, noted here, is missing and presumed relisted.

The only certiorari grant is a civil case.  Missouri murderer Michael Anthony Taylor is denied again.  A quick docket search indicates this is the fourth time in seven terms.

On the argument docket, it's a thin week for criminal law.  On Tuesday, the Court hears Fowler v. United States, where the US Attorney stretched a long way to prosecute a case as federal.  Fowler murdered Haines City, Florida Police Officer Todd Horner, a crime for which he thoroughly deserves to be punished by life in prison or death.  But by whom?  The United States or the State of Florida?  He was prosecuted in federal court on the theory that he killed "Officer Horner with the intent to prevent Horner from communicating information about a federal offense[bank robbery, conspiracy, and firearm and drug possession] to a federal law enforcement officer or judge of the United States, in violation of 18 U.S.C. ยง 1512(a)(1)(C)...." 

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