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Do It Over, USCA9

The US Supreme Court has sent the cases of two Arizona murderers, Danny Jones and Edward Schad, back to the Ninth Circuit to do over in light of the Supreme Court's April 5 decision in another Ninth Circuit capital case, Cullen v. Pinholster.  The order list is here.  All three cases involve claims that the defendant's trial lawyer did not do a good enough job in the penalty phase of the case.  Attacks on the guilt determination have been uniformly rejected.

In the Jones case, Judge Sidney Thomas adds annoyance to error by consistently referring to the murderer as "Danny."  His precious "Danny" murdered three people including an elderly woman and a 7-year-old girl.  Judge Thomas refers to the elderly woman, Katherine Gumina, as "Gumina," not Mrs. Gumina or even Ms. Gumina, but the murderer is "Danny."

The only case taken up for full briefing and argument today is a crime-related immigration case, Judulang v. Holder.

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