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Miranda Doesn't Matter If You Won't Ask At All

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Kent and I have put up a number of posts about Miranda as applied to captured terrorists.  The premise of my discussion has been the assumption that our government would make an effort to interrogate these people, given that they could have life-saving intelligence.

My bad.

Today's LA Times tells us that the CIA has now given up questioning terrorists captured abroad.  And no, this is not a late and bad April Fools Day joke.  The story starts out:

"He's considered one of world's most dangerous terrorism suspects, and the U.S. offered a $1-million reward for his capture in 2005. Intelligence experts say he's a master bomb maker and extremist leader who possesses a wealth of information about Al Qaeda-linked groups in Southeast Asia.

"Yet the U.S. has made no move to interrogate or seek custody of Indonesian militant Umar Patek since he was apprehended this year by officials in Pakistan with the help of a CIA tip, U.S. and Pakistani officials say****"The CIA is out of the detention and interrogation business," said a U.S. official who is familiar with intelligence operations but was not authorized to speak publicly."

A number of reasons are given for the change in policy, mostly linked to President Obama's pristine, Ivy League view of the nasty necessities of national self-defense, but this is the one I found most amazing:

[S]ome CIA officers are spooked by a long-running criminal investigation by a Washington special prosecutor into whether CIA officers broke the law by conducting brutal interrogations of suspected terrorists during the Bush administration.

Yes, folks, when you threaten your own people with jail for doing the unpleasant work needed to win our war against savagery, they're probably going to stop.


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So much for the Obama/Holder team wanting to use "all available resources" in their fight against terror.


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