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News Scan

Suspect Pleads Not Guilty in Jaycee Dugard Case: The AP reports convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido pleaded not guilty today to charges he held captive and raped Jaycee Dugard for nearly twenty years.  His plea was unexpected, as defense attorney for Phillip's wife Nancy Garrido indicated last week that Phillip would plead guilty as part of an agreement with prosecutors.  Nancy also pleaded not guilty today to charges for her alleged involvement in Jaycee's abduction.  A trial has been set for this summer.

"Latin Kings" Leader Convicted in Federal Court:  A federal jury in Chicago yesterday convicted Augustin "Tino" Zambrano, considered by authorities to be the highest-ranking leader of the violent "Latin Kings" gang.  During the six week trial, prosecutors presented evidence gathered from over eight years about the gang's violence, drug dealing, and strict rules.  Three other gang leaders were also convicted.  The AP has this story.

Insanity and a Double Murder:  The AP reports the Mississippi Supreme Court today affirmed the conviction of Keir Sanders, found guilty of murdering his grandmother in 1985 but found not guilty by reason of insanity for killing his grandfather that same day.  His attorneys had claimed the inconsistent verdicts warranted a new trial.  The court disagreed 6-3:  "[T]here is reasonable evidence to conclude that [the grandmother] was slain in an effort to avoid responsibility for the death of [the grandfather] and not in a paranoid delusion. . . After being properly instructed regarding the burden of proving whether or not Sanders was legally sane, the jury found him guilty. . . We are in no position to make a better judgment than the jurors . . ."

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