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The King and Spalding Kerfuffle

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Following up on Bill's post yesterday, the WSJ has this story by Ashby Jones and this editorial on the flap over King and Spalding's bailing out of the Defense of Marriage Act case and Paul Clement's bailing out of King and Spalding.

As Bill noted, CJLF takes no position on the underlying DOMA controversy.  Not our field. Jonathan Adler at VC has a post on people, including himself, "who oppose DOMA have nonetheless praised Paul Clement's willingness to defend the law, and his refusal to abandon the representation."

Paul Clement and K&S represent the prison inmates seeking release in Brown v. Plata, which I noted yesterday.  Arguing for tens of thousands of thugs to be dumped on the streets of California to commit new crimes is not too controversial for K&S.  All in a day's work.  Lawyers are supposed to represent the unpopular.  Yada, yada, yada.  But the House of Representatives is too controversial a client.  Can't touch that.  The WSJ calls K&S "invertebrate."  Nice choice of words.

Naturally, we can count on the American Bar Association (the neutral, even-handed, non-political representative of the entire bar and defender of the high standards of the profession in defending the unpopular), to come out and vigorously denounce the blackmail of the firm.  After all, to defend defense only for some causes and not for others based solely on their Political Correctness quotient would be the grossest of hypocrisy, and the ABA would never lower itself to that. 

I cruised over to the Presidential Statements Page to check.  Nothing there as of 11:45 a.m. Monday.  Well, I'm sure he'll get around to it.  He is probably very busy.

Update:  Clement picked up some support from AG Holder, AP reports.

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Kent --

Brutal. But be sure to keep checking the Presidential Statements. When one shows up, there's a chance, albeit not a big one, that my eyes will still be good enough to read it.

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