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Alabama Conducts Pentobarbital Execution

Chalk up one more state to avoid the thiopental supply problems in lethal injection executions by switching to pentobarbital.  Katherine Sayre of the Press-Register reports from Atmore, Alabama:

[Jason] Williams ... was the first inmate in Alabama to be executed using pentobarbital in the state's three-drug lethal injection. The state was forced to change the drug after a shortage of sodium thiopental across the U.S.
*                             *                          *
Williams killed four people and injured three others during a shooting rampage in south Mobile County in the early morning hours of Feb. 15, 1992.

Gerald Paravicini, 46, Freddie Barber, 50, Linda Barber, 45, and Bryan Barber, 22, were shot and killed in their homes off Padgett Switch Road about 6 a.m.
*                             *                          *
Defense lawyers for Williams challenged the use of pentobarbital, arguing that it hasn't been proven to cease consciousness or otherwise stop the ability to lose pain. His lawyers that that violated the constitutional ban against cruel and unusual punishment.
The US Supreme Court order denying a stay is here.

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