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Criminal Parenting

The Australian Broadcasting Company has this story on some "root cause" research from the Tasmanian Institute of Law Enforcement Studies:

Sons whose mothers had a criminal record had a 33 per cent chance of also being convicted of a serious crime - around twice the rate for those with law-abiding parents.

Daughters with a criminal mother have a 17 per cent chance of being convicted, also twice the normal rate.

But Dr [Vanessa] Goodwin says the figures in the study likely under-estimated the probabilities that the offspring of criminal parents would take to crime.

Official criminal records substantially underplayed the true level of offending, especially juvenile offending.

I have long contended that the correlation of crime with poverty is not so much from poverty as such but rather from the poor parenting and bad peer influences that are correlated with poverty.  This is further confirmation.


I think the correlation is that poor people are poor because they make a whole series of bad decisions that stems from a low IQ.

Poverty, and the social pathology that follows, including increased propensity for crime, is the result of the high rate of non-marital births--72% for blacks, 62% for Hispanics, and 40% for whites.

More than ever, poverty is the result of poor choices. An expert in domestic policy from the University of Maryland has this prescription for avoiding poverty:

finish high school;
have no children until the age of 20; and
be married before you have your first child.

Compliance with the above results in poverty levels in the single figures (9%)

Think what that would do for the crime rate.

The criminology literature strong suggests that a major risk factor for crime and violence is exposure to antisocial attitudes and peers. To put it plainly: we all want to be like our parents in some ways.

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