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Longer prison sentences are more effective, a new study has found

Tom McTague has this story in the (London) Daily Mirror with the above headline.

CRIMINALS who are given longer jail sentences are less likely to reoffend, a new study has found.

The Ministry of Justice report will be seized upon by MPs and critics opposed to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke's plans to give fewer jail sentences.

Mr Clarke claimed last year that prison was "costly and ineffectual" and vowed to slash the number of criminals sent to prison.

But yesterday's comprehensive study of reoffending rates found criminals who spend more time in jail are less likely to reoffend than those given softer sentences.

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Labour's Shadow Justice ­Secretary Sadiq Khan, said: "Ken Clarke's policy should be based on what works to cut reoffending and bring down crime. But instead it's based on cutting costs."
Interesting political inversion there.  That's the lefty party calling the Conservative Party soft on crime.

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