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Mississippi Execution

Following up on yesterday's post, Elizabeth Crisp has this story in the Jacksonville Clarion-Ledger.  " 'While this does not bring closure to our pain, it is a step in our healing process,' said Glenda Reid's brother, Mike Lee."

Regarding the state's switch to pentobarbital, " 'It worked out just like we were told - no problem,' [DOC Commissioner] Epps said Tuesday evening.... The new drug costs $400 more per execution, bringing the total to about $11,400 each, Epps said."  Considering that $400 is in the ballpark of one hour of attorney time, spending that much to eliminate a legal issue is a bargain.  Now it's time to eliminate some more by going to the Ohio single drug method.

There was little protest. A group from Jackson demonstrated outside Parchman. In Hattiesburg, 17 protesters bowed their heads in solemn silence as the bells tolled at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, announcing his execution.
I have heard anecdotally that the protest crowds tend to be smaller when the perpetrator murdered a child.  True believers are still opposed, but more of them just have somewhere else they really have to be that day.

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