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News Scan

Untested Rape Kit Matched to Ohio Accused Serial Killer:  Leila Atassi of The Plain Dealer (OH) reports Cuyahoga County prosecutors announced this week that an untested rape kit has been matched to Anthony Sowell, accused of killing 11 women and dumping their bodies around his house.  The sample was taken in 2009 after a female victim reported she was kidnapped and raped repeatedly by a man named "Tony" in a foul-smelling house over a two-day period.  Prosecutors say the rape kit was never sent to the crime lab for analysis, though Cleveland Heights Police Captain Martin Lentz claims the department sends all rape kits to be tested.  Five of the 11 women whose bodies were discovered at Sowell's home went missing after the rape kit was taken, and Sowell's DNA may have been in the state database after serving a 15-year prison term for attempted rape.

Judge Denies Unique Attempt to Stop Execution:
  "Enough is enough is enough is enough," said Common Pleas Judge Norbert Nadel today when rejecting a unique attempt by Ohio death row inmate Daniel Bedford to stop his execution.  Bedford has been on death row for 27 years - longer than the lives of both of his victims - for murdering his ex-girlfriend and another man in 1984.  His attorneys filed a civil suit claiming that dementia and a series of strokes has left Bedford insane and unable to understand why he is scheduled for execution next Tuesday.  Kimball Perry of The Cincinnati Enquirer has this story.

Inmate Now Regrets Tribute to Larry Bird:  Oklahoma inmate Eric Torpy is now regretting his decision to ask for an additional three years in prison to make his total sentence 33 years - the same number as his favorite basketball player Larry Bird, reports Stan Grossfeld of The Boston Globe.  In 2005 Torpy asked an Oklahoma county judge to tack on three more years to his sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery and shooting with intent to kill.  Torpy now claims the prosecutor and judge should never have gone along with what he refers to as his "mind games" with them.  "I'm sorry, Larry Bird, but I don't love you that much to hang out to 2033.  I'm ready to go out now," Torpy says.

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