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NPR Program on Plata

Yesterday, CJLF's Legal Director Kent Scheidegger was on the Diane Rehm Show from WAMU in Washington, along with Joan Biskupic of USA Today and Amy Fettig of the ACLU, discussing Monday's Plata decision.  Carter Phillips, who represented the governor in that case, was on briefly at the beginning.  Audio is here; transcript is here.

Listener James Flood of San Antonio sent us this email regarding the show:

I wanted to say thank you for participating in the panel discussion on the Dianne Rehm show on NPR this week.  I did not appreciate how you were treated by the host and instead of facilitating a discussion, she had a dissenting opinion and wanted to hear from the other two panel members.  Even though you were cut off and not allowed to respond to at least three key points, you presented your position professionally and respectfully.  I do like a lot of the NPR programming, but I am increasingly becoming disinterested in Ms. Rehm's show.  I am a moderate Republican and very much appreciate people such as yourself trying to have rational, open discussion about these topics.

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