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Stay Denied to Mississippi Quadruple Murderer

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The US Supreme Court has denied a stay to Mississippi murderer Benny Joe Stevens.  Elizabeth Crisp has this story for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger. Stevens "was convicted in 1999 of killing his ex-wife, Glenda Reid; her husband, Wesley Lee Reid; her 11-year-old son, Dylan Lee; and Lee's 10-year-old friend Heath Pounds in a dispute over child support....  Eight relatives of his victims also will witness the execution, including Stevens' daughter, Erica who he shot during the attack."  See also this article by Crisp on May 8.

On May 4, Jack Elliott of AP had this story on the claim of Stevens and others that the state's switch from thiopental to pentobarbital violated the Administrative Procedures Act.

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Final justice was carried out.

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