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Congratulations, Eric Holder


I have often been critical of Attorney General Holder for a variety of his Department's decisions, from the Black Panther voting rights dismissal to his incoherent (and dangerous) handling of terrorist interrogations and prosecutions.

Today is a day for congratulating Mr. Holder.  Democratic Party big wig, ex-Senator and 2004 Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards was indicted today on campaign finance corruption charges.  The gist of the case is that he funneled money from contributors to help cover up an affair with a campaign aide, and then further to cover up the existence of a daughter he had by her.

Some will try to say that this is merely the work of a holdover Republican US Attorney.  Let's get clear on that right now.  First, US Attorneys are political appointees who serve at the President's pleasure.  If President Obama wanted him out, he would have been out months or years ago.  Second, having been a long-time member of both a US Attorney's Office and a politically-appointed officer of the Justice Department, I can tell you with 100% certainty that this indictment was approved in advance at the highest levels, very likely by Holder himself, and if not that, by the DAG with Holder's blessing.

Holder knows that this is not good news for his Party, which is also suffering from the Weiner Matter, into which I shall not go further on a family blog.  He also knows that this is likely to be a long, slow torture; if Edwards were amenable to a plea agreement, it probably would have been reached in time to head off the indictment.  Accordingly, Holder is due credit and thanks for allowing this case to go forward.

P.S.  I could not end this without saying that Edwards may be the most despicable person I have ever run across in public life.  To have an affair while your wife is dying of cancer is bad enough; to deny your own child, which Edwards did for years, is pretty much beyond belief.  And this is the man John Kerry selected to be a heartbeat away.

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