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Creep, Not Criminal

Steve Simpson of Institute for Justice has this op-ed in the WSJ arguing that John Edwards prosecution is a case of overcriminalization.

It seems that everyone other than the most devoted supporters of campaign-finance laws thinks that the Justice Department's indictment of John Edwards is overkill. Mr. Edwards cheated on his wife while she was dying of cancer, then he used over $900,000 given by two campaign donors to cover it up. In the process, he paid off an aide to pretend that he was the father of Mr. Edwards's love child. It's behavior that would make even Anthony Weiner blush.

But being a creep is not illegal. So why is any of this the government's business?

The short answer is that campaign-finance laws make it the government's business. Those who are outraged at the Edwards indictment should take note that when we have laws that make helping candidates illegal, prosecutions like this are inevitable.

I'm not too sure about that Weiner line.

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