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News Scan

'Baseline Killer' Trial Begins Today:  Michael Kiefer of The Arizona Republic reports the capital murder case will begin today against Mark Goudeau, 46, who is already serving a 438 -year prison sentence for the September 2005 sexual assaults of two sisters in Phoenix.  Police and prosecutors believe Goudeau is the 'Baseline Killer' who terrorized Phoenix for 13 months in 2005 and 2006 and killed 9 people.  He faces 74 felony charges, including nine counts of first-degree murder (for which he could face the death penalty), 11 counts of kidnapping, 12 counts of armed robbery, and 14 counts of sexual assault.  Goudeau was arrested in 2006 after police got a DNA hit from the 2005 rapes.

Jury Selection Begins in Trial of Ohio Sex Serial Killer: The AP reports jury selection begins today in the case against Anthony Sowell, a convicted sex offender and ex-marine who is charged with killing 11 women and hiding their remains in his Cleveland home.  The trial was originally scheduled to begin last year, but was delayed by an unsuccessful change of venue request and the removal of two presiding judges.  Jury selection is expected to last two weeks.

Do You Take Pennies?:  A Utah man is facing a disorderly conduct charge after he attempted to pay for a $25 disputed medical bill in pennies, reports Geoff Liesik of the Deseret News (UT).  Jason West, 38, allegedly dumped the 2,500 pennies (weighing 138 pounds) onto the counter and asked the clinic staff count then.  A receptionist called the police.  West was issued a citation and faces a potential fine of 14,000 pennies.

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