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Delaware Supreme Court Reverses "Murder's" Murder Conviction:  Sean O'Sullivan on DelawareOnline reports Delaware's high court in a 3-2 decision reversed the first degree murder conviction of Allen J. "Murder" Taylor, after concluding a videotaped statement by a key witness implicating Taylor should not have been introduced at trial because it was coerced.  The court also expressed concerns about the prejudicial effect of Taylor's street name, advising that "in the retrial, the court should make an effort to delete all references to Taylor's nickname, if possible."

Texas Man Sentenced to Death for Murdering Family:  Melody McDonald of the Star-Telegram (TX) reports a Texas jury yesterday sentenced John "Johnny" Hummel to death for fatally stabbing his pregnant wife and beating to death his father-in-law and five-year-old daughter with a baseball bat in 2009.  During closing argument, Tarrant County prosecutor Miles Brissette reminded the jury that Hummel first attempted to kill his family by poisoning their dinner with rat poison, but that his wife fortuitously had thrown out the food thinking it was spoiled. The next day, Brisette said, Hummel went "room by room" killing his family members.  Hummel's defense team countered that Hummel had never learned how to deal with his emotions as a child.

Experts Conclude Critical DNA Evidence in Amanda Knox Trial is Unreliable:  A review by two court-appointed experts concludes that much of the DNA evidence used to convict American exchange student Amanda Knox of sexually assaulting and murdering her roommate was unreliable and possibly contaminated.  The 145-reports states that "international procedures for inspection and international protocols for gathering and sampling exhibits have not been followed."  The experts will present their review in court next month.  Alessandra Rizzo of the AP has this story.

Details Emerge About Night of Washington Prison Guard Slaying:  Diana Hefley and Scott North of The Herald (WA) report that more than 1,600 pages of police reports released yesterday detail the night that Washington inmate Byron Scherf is accused of murdering corrections officer Jayme Biendl, who was found strangled to death in a prison chapel.  The reports state that Scherf was also discovered in the chapel and that after he was returned to his cell, he repeatedly chewed and sucked on his fingernails.  Scherf has been charged with aggravated murder and could face the death penalty. 

Chicago Beach Closures: Weather or Gang Violence?:  Adam Zielinski of WLS Radio (Chicago) reports the "unprecedented closure" of a popular Chicago beach on Memorial Day has prompted controversy over whether the beach was closed due to high temperatures (around 88 degrees), as claimed by police and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, or gang violence, as indicated by several beachgoers.  A collection of 911 calls obtained by WLS Radio report threats and fighting, but Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy maintains the closure was weather-related only and had no connection to gang activity.

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88 degrees is not an excessively high temperature. It's summer, remember? And since when did beaches close because it is hot? Since people go there to cool off, it is ridiculous to close them and then lie about why you are closing them.

Drudge listed all the riots that occurred on Memorial Day weekend and was labeled a racist by the lefties for doing so.

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