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News Scan

Judge OK's Forced Medication for Jared Loughner: Elliot Spagat of the Associated Press reports U.S. District Judge Larry Burns ruled Wednesday that prison officials can forcibly give Jared Loughner antipsychotic drugs. Loughner has been at a federal prison in Missouri since he was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial and assist in his defense. Mental health experts have determined that Loughner suffers from schizophrenia, and prosecutors argue that he should be given medication because he is a danger to others. In a filing prosecutors cited an incident in April when Loughner spit at his attorney and lunged at her before being restrained by prison staff, and a March incident where Loughner twice threw a plastic chair at a mental health expert. Loughner faces 49 charges stemming from a shooting rampage in Arizona in January that left six people dead and twelve injured.

Remains of I-5 Strangler Victim Identified 34 Years Later: Kate Mather of the Los Angeles Times reports the remains of Lou Ellen Burleigh of Walnut Creek, who was killed by the "I-5 Strangler" in 1977, have been identified. The I-5 Strangler got his name after six women in Northern California were killed and dumped along highways and other remote areas between 1977 and 1987. Roger Kibbe confessed to seven murders in 2003, and told authorities he left the remains of Burleigh near Lake Berryessa. In March, Napa County Deputy Sheriff Michael Bartlett found a bone fragment at the bottom of a shallow creek. Last week DNA tests confirmed that the remains were Burleigh's. Officials hope that this news can help to finally close the books on the I-5 Strangler.

Wisconsin:  Union Jobs Now Performed by Inmates: Tami Hughes of WITI (WI) reports that with no contracts in place and Governor Walker's collective bargaining changes going into effect, Racine County inmates are taking jobs that were once filled by union workers.  Inmates are doing landscape maintenance and picking up trash along roads that have been neglected due to the recent budget cuts.  In response, local unions filed a grievance complaining that those jobs should be done by their members.  The County Executive noted that by using inmates for maintenance work, county personnel can be assigned to the  more difficult tasks, providing savings to to the taxpayer without cutting any union jobs.

Can The DA Get Restitution From Dead Man?:  The Sacramento County District Attorney is attempting to collect  $300,000 in restitution from a contractor who died before the restitution order was finalized.  KCRA reports that Mark S. Ures pleaded no contest last year to working without a valid contractor's license.  He was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay restitution but he died in May before a judge could finalize the order.  Ures' attorney, who has petitioned the court to reduce the amount, argues that his dead client can no longer participate in his defense.  "...I can't communicate with him, and I may even have to withdraw from the matter and let the court issue a warrant for his arrest," said the attorney.  

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