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What is the treatment for shameless lying?

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A recurring theme in criminal law is the endless efforts of apologists for criminals to transform misconduct into disorders warranting treatment rather than punishment.  The efforts are often farcical, but they are not funny when gullible judges or juries actually buy them.  One extreme case was US District Judge Robert Chatigny, who actually bought the claim that serial rapist/murderer Michael Ross's sadism was mitigating.  See posts here and here.  That probably cost him a seat on the Second Circuit.  Steve Erickson's refutation of the notion that psychopathy is an excuse is noted here.

The Anthony Weiner kerfuffle is not a criminal case, at least not yet, but the latest episode relates to the misconduct-as-disorder problem.  AP reports, "Congress returns to work on Monday, but at least one lawmaker won't be there. Rep. Anthony Weiner starts this week on a temporary leave of absence, in treatment for an undisclosed disorder at an undisclosed location."

Weiner is in trouble primarily for shamelessly lying through his teeth to the entire nation.  What "disorder" is that?  What "treatment" is there for it?  There is no treatment because gross dishonesty is not a disorder.  It is a character defect.  The same is true for the underlying conduct that he lied about.  But going into "treatment" seems to automatically earn sympathy from the segment of the population that swallows this nonsense that everything is a disorder, so people go into "treatment" when there is nothing to treat.

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For whatever reason, Weiner enjoys sending pictures of himself to women he doesn't know. At the end of the day, whether or not he's addicted to some sort of thrill or is an exhibitionist is supremely besides the point--he chose to do what he did. Alcoholics are drawn to the bottle, but they choose to drink, and the 12-step program requires them to accept the responsibility for what they have done.

Responsibility is what makes us human. There are so many people in life who are dealt bad hands, yet make it through the day not giving in to these sorts of things. Weiner, who has it all, can't even refrain from sending pictures of himself. He doesn't have a disorder---he is simply dissolute.

I think arrogant twits like Chatigny like lording their supposed enlightenment over the hoi palloi. He's somehow more sophisticated because he can see through the revulsion at a guy like Ross and come to the "intellectual" result--that Ross is tormented by a desire to harm women. Well, maybe he was tormented---but he was evil for giving into his desires. But Chatigny "br[ought a fresh eye . . . ." Execrable doesn't begin to describe this moral pygmy.

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