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Cal. Death Penalty Debate

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KQED, San Francisco public radio, had this debate this morning between State Senator Loni Hancock (D - Berkeley) and CJLF Legal Director Kent Scheidegger to put a death penalty repeal bill on the ballot.  (California's death penalty law is an initiative and cannot be repealed without a vote of the people.)  At the beginning of the program, Sen. Hancock insists it is a "replacement" rather than a repeal, which host Michael Krasny finds a bit strange.

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Sen. Hancock seems to have absolutely no compunction about making things up. She has repeatedly asserted (including in print) that there have been multiple wrongful executions. And it's just not true.

I really wish there were more honest abolitionists who could be sincerely against taking human life without lowering themselves by delving into specious economic arguments and without repeating lies often enough until others think they're fact.

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