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Media Assault on Justice Thomas

Scott Douglas Gerber has this article in the National Law Journal (emphasis added):

The liberal media have published a flood of stories in recent months criticizing what they consider the ethical problems of conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas....

The media would have the American people believe that we are in the midst of Thomas-gate: a series of ethical problems so sinister and serious that they make Thomas unfit to serve on the bench. In reality, however, we are simply witnessing the latest episode of the media's 20-year crusade against the nation's highest-ranking African-American jurist. Bluntly put, it is apparently an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the media for Thomas to be both black and conservative. It is difficult to forget, for example, that the Times famously editorialized that Thomas was "the youngest, cruelest justice" only four months into his first term on the Court and that the Times has also opined on several occasions, and without credible supporting evidence, that Thomas is not an impartial judge. 
Nothing could be further from the truth.
The author bio at the end of the article:

Scott Douglas Gerber is professor of law at Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law and senior research scholar in law and politics at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center. His eight books include First Principles: The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas (New York University Press 1999; expanded ed. 2002)....

For two examples of misleading coverage of Justice Thomas, see posts here and here.
Why do some folks on the left side of the aisle have such a visceral hatred of black conservatives?  My theory is that, by their very existence, black conservatives challenge some liberals' self-image, and few things produce a more emotional reaction than challenging one's self-image.

In the world-view of some liberals, it is still 1963, and they are battling against the forces of racism.  They genuinely believe that "conservative" is merely a veneer for "racist."  The liberals are the good guys fighting the good fight on behalf of "people of color" against the evil, thinly disguised conservatives/racists.

What to do when this view collides with the very existence of black conservatives?  Two possibilities are (1) the view is wrong, conservatism is not racist, and liberals must reassess how the world and political labels have changed in the last half century, or (2) the black conservative is a despicable sell-out Judas traitor to his race.  Given that (1) is unthinkable and unmentionable, (2) must be the truth.  Let the "high-tech lynching" begin.  Get a virtual rope.

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