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News Scan

Man Accused of Sex Crimes Allowed to View Child Porn in Jail: Adam Lynn of The News Tribune (WA) reports on a man accused of sex crimes is being allowed to view child pornography while in a Washington jail awaiting trial. Weldon Marc Gilbert is acting as his own attorney in the case, which means he is allowed to review the evidence. In this case, the evidence is more than 100 videos seized from Gilbert's home in 2007. Gilbert is accused of luring more than a dozen young boys to his home and molesting them. Prosecutors say Gilbert videotaped some of the alleged acts. Gilbert has scheduled times when he can view the material, and the room is monitored by corrections officers. Pierce County Jail spokesman Ed Troyer says, "the whole thing is just very strange."

OnStar Helps Apprehend Murder Suspect: WLOX (MS) reports that Jeremy Wayne Manieri, 31, was arrested for the murder of a priest in Florida after authorities used the auto tracking system OnStar to locate the victim's vehicle. Manieri was driving the victim's SUV, which police found at a hotel where Manieri was staying by using the GPS feature. Authorities say that Manieri, a convicted sex offender, is also wanted on a warrant in Escambia County, Florida for grand larceny. Larry McShane of The New York Daily News reports that Manieri was planning on going to Disney World, where he had bought three-day passes for his ex-wife and children, using money he stole from the slain priest.   

Man Arrested After Reporting Marijuana Robbery:
The Sun-Times Media Wire (IL) reports that Chicago druggie Max Fleck, 20, was charged with two counts of felony possession of a controlled substance and two counts of possession of cannabis after police found narcotics in his apartment. Police were called to the apartment after Fleck had called the police to report being robbed of two pounds of marijuana and a laptop.

12 year-old Girl Sentence for Cyberstalking: A 12-year-old girl has been given a deferred sentence and ordered to stay out of trouble for six months, attend counseling and perform 20 hours of community service for cyberstalking and first-degree computer trespassing as reported  by Jennifer Sullivan of the Seattle Times.  An 11-year-old co-defendant was also charged and given probation.  According to the charges, after the two girls and the the victim had a falling out, the defendants used the victim's password to post sexually explicit content on her Facebook page and instant-messaged "random individuals" under her name to offer sex acts.  The trial judge refused to grant the prosecution's request that the 12-year-old girl be banned from all social-networking sites for the term of her sentence, ordering instead that an adult supervise her while on social-networking sites.

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