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News Scan

Protest in San Francisco Over Fatal Police Shooting:  The AP reports 35 people were arrested after a march through San Francisco protesting the police shooting of 19-year-old parolee Kenneth Harding over the weekend.  Harding was on parole for promoting prostitution in Washington state and was a person of interest in a fatal shooting in Seattle last week.  The march occurred on the same day investigators said tests indicated that Harding had fired the first shot at police, prompting the police to fire back.

Arizona Allowed to Build Border Fence from Private Donations:  A law effective today will allow Arizona to build a fence along its border with Mexico as long as it can raise enough private donations and receives permission from private landowners to use their property.  Much of the Arizona border is on federal land or Indian reservations, and Sen. Steve Smith (R), who sponsored the bill, says the easiest path would be for the federal government to grant the state an easement along the border.  Smith hopes to raise at least $50 million from donors across the nation, stressing that the country's security "is an American problem, not an Arizona problem."  Alia Beard Rua has this story in The Arizona Republic.

Oregon Court Denies Request to Reinstate Death Row Inmate's Attorneys: The Oregon Supreme Court on Monday denied a request by the former lawyers of Oregon death row inmate Gary Haugen to be reinstated, reports Helen Jung of The Oregonian.  Haugen, who is on death row for murdering a fellow inmate in 2003, has asked to waive his appeals and be executed.  A county judge last week granted Haugen's request to replace his attorneys after finding that their attorney-client relationship had been "irretrievably broken."  Though Haugen's former attorneys said they would not make any more filings in the case, they later submitted a request to be reinstated.  Haugen will now be represented by a public defender and will undergo a full competency hearing before a final execution date is set.

28-Year Inmate on Alabama's Death Row Files Another Appeal:  M.J. Ellington of the Times Daily reports attorneys for Alabama death row inmate Tommy Douglas Arthur filed a petition last week asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn an Alabama court's denial of a new trial.  Arthur was sent to death row in 1983 for the murder of businessman Troy Wicker, committed while Arthur was on work release for a previous homicide.  Arthur has been scheduled for execution three times, but all dates have been delayed due to appeals.  Alabama Assistant Attorney General Clay Crenshaw filed a petition with the state supreme court to proceed with the execution, arguing that waiting for a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court would add a significant and unnecessary delay.

Death Toll for Police Officers on the Rise:  A report by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund finds that law enforcement fatalities rose sharply during the first half of 2011 (press release here).  40 officers were killed by gunfire, the highest number in two decades.  Firearms-related fatalities have even outpaced traffic-related fatalities, which have been the leading cause of officer deaths for 13 years in a row.  Douglas Stanglin of USA Today has this story

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