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News Scan

Videotaped Execution to Lead to Similar Requests in Texas?:  Diane Jennings of The Dallas Morning News reports last week's videotaped execution of Georgia death row inmate Andrew DeYoung might inspire attorneys to make similar requests on behalf of capital inmates in Texas.  One proponent claims the videotaping will bring the death penalty "out of the shadows into the light of public opinion," but Jason Clark, public information officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, disputes that the Texas capital system is secretive, saying it already allows for witnesses and the media to be present.    

DC Murder Rate Falls as Temperatures Rise:  Scott McCabe of The Washington Examiner reports that since Memorial Day two months ago, the number of killings in Washington, D.C. has dropped by 44 percent compared to the previous year.  Before the holiday, homicides were up 16 percent.  Ellen G. Cohn, a professor at Florida International University who has studied the connections between weather and crime for decades, says the drop in murders may have something to do with the recent record-breaking heat wave.  "People say, 'it's too hot to kill, or I don't have the energy to kill.  It becomes more important to find a drink than exact revenge."  Cohn says that violent crime tends to rise with hotter temperatures, but only to a certain point.  "It may have reached the point that it's so blasted hot outside that violent offenders, like everybody else, are staying inside."  D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier disagrees, claiming the credit belongs to the proactive work of the Metropolitan Police Department.

"'Til Death (or Conviction) Do Us Part":  An August date has been set for the wedding of a Sacramento woman to Curtis Allgier, a Utah inmate charged with murdering a Utah corrections officer in 2007, reports Kylie Conway of ABC4.com Salt Lake City.  Erica Herrera, who says her half-Hawaiian-half Hispanic ethnicity refutes the claim that Allgier is a white supremacist, believes Allgier is innocent.  She admits, however, that if he is convicted, she will seek a divorce or annulment. 

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