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News Scan

Delaware Executes Ax Murderer:  Jessica Gresko of the AP reports Delaware today carried out its first execution since 2005, putting to death convicted ax murderer Robert Jackson III shortly after midnight (see also yesterday's post).  Jackson maintained his innocence to the end, saying during his final words that his accomplice in the crime is "laughing his ass off right now because you're about to watch an innocent man die.  This isn't justice."  The U.S. Supreme Court and Delaware Governor Jack Markell both denied last minute requests to stay the execution.

Supreme Court Lets Florida Stay of Execution Stand:  The U.S. Supreme Court today refused to lift a stay of execution ordered by the Florida Supreme Court for Manuel Valle, who was originally scheduled for execution by lethal injection next Tuesday.  The Florida Supreme Court ordered a hearing on the state's switch to pentobarbital.  The hearing began yesterday and will continue next week.  Valle was sentenced to death for murdering a police officer 33 years ago.  The AP has this story.

No Pink Underwear for Edmonton Oilers Goalie:  Conal Pierse of The Vancouver Sun reports Nikolai Khabibulin will be enjoying some fun in the sun during his stay at Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tent city, after an Arizona judge ordered the sheriff to take it easy on the Edmonton Oilers goalie.  Khabibulan was sentenced to 15 days in jail for a drunk driving offense, but was made eligible for work release.  Despite Arpaio's assurances to the contrary, Khabibulin will not receive the same treatment as the other inmates: as long as he abides by the tent city's rules, he will not be forced to wear a black and white striped jumpsuit or pink underwear (the jail's standard uniform) and he will be free to spend his days as he chooses.

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