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News Scan

Wild Horses to Help Patrol U.S. Border:  Teri Vance of the Nevada Appeal reports seven wild horses from Nevada are on their way to the Mexican and Canadian borders after being tamed by inmates in a Carson City prison.  Border Patrol has usually worked with the Colorado Department of Corrections in obtaining wild horses to patrol remote areas along the border, but is looking to expand the program to find horses closer to the border.  The horses are rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and brought to the minimum-security facility, where inmates worked one-on-one with them for 120 days. 

Convicted Serial Killer Seeks New Trial:  Jen Steer of NewsNet5.com (OH) reports attorneys for convicted Ohio serial killer Anthony Sowell filed a motion for a new trial on Friday, alleging jury misconduct.  While speaking to the media last week, the jury foreperson said Sowell "played to the camera" and the jury during trial, and even winked at her once.  Sowell's defense team says this incident and other news stories indicate the foreperson developed a bias against Sowell.

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