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Proposed California Bill Would Reform State Parole System: Maria L. La Ganga of the Los Angeles Times reports a bill introduced Wednesday by Sen. Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) to reform California's parole system was inspired by the Jaycee Dugard case. Senate Bill 391 would reverse a 2008 state Supreme Court decision that requires the California parole board to to look at a convicted felon's behavior in prison and not the crimes that put them there. If the bill is passed, the state parole board would be allowed to place more emphasis on the prisoner's crime and prior convictions. "Let's keep our worst criminals behind bars and keep California safe," said Gaines yesterday during a press conference, supported by several district attorneys and other California legislators.  Nanette Miranda of KABC Sacramento has more here.

Virginia Scheduled to Execute Murder-Rapist: Matthew A. Ward reports in Reuters that Jerry Terrell Jackson, 30, is scheduled to be executed in Virgina at 9pm local time today by a drug cocktail that includes pentobarbital.  Jackson has been on death row since 2003 for the 2001 rape and murder of a 88-year-old woman. Jackson has an appeal currently before the Supreme Court. Governor Bob McDonnell declined to grant clemency last week. Jackson will be the first inmate executed in Virgina this year.

Prison Population in England and Wales Hits New High: The prison population of England and Wales has hit a new record high of 86,608 inmates after nearly 700 rioters were arrested this week, reports Alan Travis in the Guardian (UK). 65 percent of those arrested for riot-related offenses have been remanded in custody - a sharp increase from the "normal" remand rate for serious offenses of 10 percent, according to the Ministry of Justice. Prison governors say the system faces "an unprecedented situation" that will require emergency contingency measures if the number continues to rise, but that they are confident the situation can be handled safely.

California Supreme Court Affirms "Ninja Prowler" Death Sentence:
Richard K. De Atley of The Press-Enterprise (CA) reports the California Supreme Court has upheld the 1998 death sentence of 40-year-old David Lynn Scott, the so-called "Ninja Prowler" who terrorized Riverside County with a series of sexual assaults nearly 20 years ago. Scott was sentenced to death for the 1992 murder of Brenda Gail Kenny, 38, whom he raped and stabbed to death during a burglary of her apartment. Witnesses say Scott would break into apartments or houses at night, dressed in dark clothing like a ninja and carrying a pistol and two swords. He was convicted of a total of 15 counts stemming from six attacks. 

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The Supreme Court denied a stay for Jackson. Two dissenting votes, Ginsburg and Sotomayor.


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