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News Scan

U.S. to Stop Deporting Most Illegal Aliens:  Alicia A. Caldwell of the AP reports that many illegal immigrants who have no criminal record will be allowed to stay in the country and apply for a work permit under new rules from the Department of Homeland Security. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano announced yesterday that the department will focus on deporting illegal immigrants who are criminals or pose a threat to national security or public safety. This decision comes after continued protest by immigrant communities which have criticized the DHS for focusing too much on deporting those whose only offense is being in the country without the proper documents or who have been arrested for traffic violations or other misdemeanors.  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, R-Texas, said the shift is the administration's "plan to grant backdoor amnesty to illegal immigrants."

Missouri City Sets Curfew After Flash Mob Shooting: After a weekend shooting that injured three teenagers who were part of a large late-night "flash mob" gathering in Kansas City, the city on Thursday passed a curfew as early as 9 p.m. for people under age 18, reports Kevin Murphy of Reuters. The ordinance will allow police to issue citations to parents whose children violated the curfew. Passing an ordinance so quickly is unusual, but council members said they had feared a repeat of potentially dangerous gatherings this weekend. 

Lawyer Claims Teenage Girl Will Someday Forget Sex Crimes: Tom Gilchrist of The Saginaw News (MI) reports that the lawyer for former Michigan softball coach Mickey T. Gotwalt, 52, argued to a judge that the 14-year-old female victim of his client's sexual assault crimes will someday forget all about it. Gotwalt pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct against the female student in return for dismissal of nine other alleged crimes against her. Gotwalt's attorney, Thomas A. Warda of Flint, MI, said to the judge: "I mean (Gotwalt) didn't kill this girl... I mean this isn't - I don't think she's gonna have psychological injury the rest of her life. I mean he'll be in prison, but, you know, she'll have forgotten all about it at some point."  Gotwalt was sentenced to a minimum of seven years and two months in prison.

Tuscan Friars Ask God to Deliver Diarrhea for Basilica Bible Thief: Tom Kington of the Guardian (UK) reports a group of Franciscan friars, angry over the theft of bibles from their church in Florence, have taken an unusual approach to get the thief to come forward by praying that the thief gets struck down by diarrhea and sees the error of his or her ways.  One of the friars admits that it is an unorthodox request but it will be forgiven. "It is not exactly clean language," the friar said, '' but we couldn't put up with it any longer. The Lord and the faithful will understand." Hat tip to Kenneth Anderson at The Volokh Conspiracy for the link.  

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