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Legislator, Victims' Group Demands Released Inmates Return to Prison: Red Bluff Daily News (CA) reports California Assemblyman Jim Nielsen and Crime Victims United of California are calling for the return to custody of dozens of inmates released on parole.  The inmates' releases were dictated by a 2010 Ninth Circuit decision that was overruled by the Supreme Court earlier this year. (See Swarthout v. Cooke.)  Nielsen says the Ninth Circuit ruling "has placed the public in danger," and the Governor and state parole board should take appropriate action to rescind the inmates' early releases.

With Death Penalty No Longer an Option, Charges Dropped:
Prosecutors will "reluctantly" dismiss charges in two cases against Paul Runge
, 41, an Illinois inmate serving life in prison for the sexual assault and murders of Yolanda Gutierrez, 35, and her daughter, Jessica Muniz, 10. Citing Illinois's recent abolition of the death penalty, DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin announced today that "it would not be a prudent use of the resources" of the office to try Runge for the 1995 murders of sisters Dzeneta and Amela Pasanbegovic. In March, Cook County prosecutors dropped three murder charges against Runge, also citing the state's abolishment of the death penalty. Lisa Balde of NBC Chicago has this story.

New Jersey Supreme Court Issues Ruling on Eyewitness ID's: Beth DeFalco of the AP reports the New Jersey Supreme Court today ordered changes to the way eyewitness identifications are use in court, saying the current system is not reliable enough. The case against Larry Henderson, convicted of manslaughter in 2004, prompted the court to order a yearlong review of police identification procedures. The review found that the test used in 48 states and the federal system to asses the reliability of witness identification was flawed and inadequate. The ruling is being closely watched, as New Jersey has long been at the forefront of identification standards and was the first state to issue guidelines for lineups designed to prevent mistaken identifications.


with Death Penalty no longer an option..............

An extremely sad state of affairs when the prosecution of a serial killer is renounced under any circumstances.

Isn't the drive to revoke parole doomed to failure? The releasees possess a federal court judgment entitling them to parole. Obviously, if they violate the conditions of parole, then it's fair game, but I don't see how parole can simply be rescinded here. Am I missing anything?

Hopefully, those who have received this parole windfall will abandon their criminal ways and will be contributing members of society. Any crimes they commit are on the hands of the federal court system, and that includes the Supreme Court, which should have put a stop to the Ninth Circuit's usurpation when it started.

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