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News Scan

Texas to Begin Deportation of Foreign Convicts: Mike Ward of the American-Statesman (TX) reports under a new Texas law that takes effect Sept. 1, the parole board can approve foreigners convicted of violent and nonviolent crimes for parole on the condition that they are deported to their home country. Parole officials are worried that once parolees are handed over to federal officials, they might never know whether the parolee was sent home or released in Texas. ICE officials have assured that convicts who are not deported will be returned to state prison officials. Bryan Collier, deputy executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, says about 11,500 of Texas' state prisoners are not U.S. citizens, and about 6,000 of them have a deportation order pending against them. If all of the foreign convicts were removed from Texas' prisons, the state could save more than $213 million. 

Ohio Sets Two Execution Dates for 2013: Andrew Welsh-Huggins of the Associated Press reports the Ohio Supreme Court set two new execution dates for 2013, the furthest into the future the court has ever scheduled executions. One of the execution dates was set for Steven Smith, who raped and killed his girlfriend's 6-month-old daughter 1998. The number of executions scheduled in Ohio from this September to May 2013 is now 10. Ohio has enough pentobarbital to last through February. In a court filing earlier this month, Ohio officials said that they "recognize that the feasibility of using pentobarbital, as the drug administered in defendants' primary method of execution by lethal injection, could become an issue, which could require further modifications in defendants' procedures."

Cop Killer's Lawsuit Denied: Robert Gearty of the New York Daily News reports convicted cop killer Lee Woods' civil suit against New York City and five Rikers Island guards was rejected. Woods was seeking damages for a purported 2007 jailhouse beating in which Woods charged corrections officers with breaking two of his ribs and his eye socket and tearing out some of his dreadlocks. The city acknowledged that Woods was injured, but said he was hurt after flinging food and swearing at the guards. Jenny Weng, the lawyer for the city, told the panel that the officers were just doing their job. Woods was sent back to prison empty handed. The mother of slain Officer Russel Timoshenko said the suit was "ridiculous" and "disgusting." 

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