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News Scan

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Judge Denies Komisarjevsky's Motion to Suppress Statements:  The staff of the New Haven Register (CT) report Superior Court Judge Jon Blue today denied a motion by accused murderer Joshua Komisarjevsky to suppress the detailed written and oral statements he made to police on the day of the Cheshire home invasion.  Komisarjevsky's attorneys had claimed he was sleep deprived at the time he gave his statements, and thus did not voluntarily waive his right against self-incrimination. 

Massachusetts Appeals Court Says State Can't Hold DNA: John R. Ellement of The Boston Globe reports the Massachusetts Appeals Court yesterday ruled that the government cannot unilaterally decide to keep DNA profiles of civilians who willingly provide genetic information to law enforcement as police try to solve crimes. Keith Amato voluntarily gave a biological sample in 2002 during the investigation of a high-profile murder. Another man was later convicted and Amato recovered his biological sample, but officials kept his genetic sample citing a state law that requires police to hold onto evidence in homicide cases for 50 years. The court ruled that, "DNA information is highly sensitive...citizens have a reasonable expectation of privacy in such information." 

Police Bust Greek Doughnut Shakedown: Greek police recently brought down a ring of alleged leaders of a doughnut market shakedown, reports the AP. Police received reports that three men, including a former Greek wrestling champion, were using violence to control the doughnut trade in the Halkididi peninsula. Police made the bust after conducting an undercover operation.

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The Massachusetts decision is odd. What strand of Fourth Amendment law requires the police to destroy what they have already lawfully gotten?

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