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Saunders on Perry and Texas DP

How can it be a political negative for a candidate that he enforces a law the vast majority of the people agree with?  Strangely, there has been a big effort to do just that since Rick Perry entered the presidential race.

Today, SF Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders takes the contrary view (as she usually does).  She notes the statistics (provided by yours truly) that Texas is actually close to average in death sentences relative to the number of murders.  Perry's "record" number of executions simply comes from being the longest-serving governor of the largest state with a functioning death penalty.

Saunders goes on to note that President Obama may be the one with the death penalty problem.  Despite the long-standing administrative interpretation through administrations of both parties that the prescription-drug laws don't apply to drugs used by states for lethal injection, in this administration the DEA seized state supplies of the drugs.  The administration has some serious explaining to do.

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