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SCOTUS November Calendar

The Supreme Court's argument calendar for the November session (which actually begins Oct. 31) is here.

Monday, October 31Lafler v. Cooper, No. 10-209 and Missouri v. Frye, No. 10-444.  Both cases involve claims of ineffective assistance in plea bargaining.  Cooper went to trial, while Frye accepted a later, less favorable plea bargain.  CJLF filed a single amicus brief for both cases, here.

Wednesday, November 2:

Perry v. New Hampshire, No. 10-8974, on the extent to which allegedly unreliable identifications raise a federal constitutional question.

Gonzalez v. Thaler, No. 10-895, on timing questions relating to AEDPA's statute of limitations for federal habeas cases.

Monday, November 7Kawashima v. Holder, No. 10-577, on tax fraud and deportation.*

Tuesday, November 8:

United States v. Jones, No. 10-1259, on tracking suspects' cars with GPS.

Smith v. Cain, No. 10-8145, another Brady case from Nawlins.

Also, on the last day, the Court hears the slaughterhouse cases, which I thought had been decided some time back.

* Kawashima is an immigration case rather than a criminal case.  However, defense lawyers have always needed to understand the immigration consequences of convictions, and since Padilla prosecutors should be aware as well.  A consequence nobody knows about could result in getting the case back.

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