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American Exceptionalism

Shelby Steele has this article in the WSJ on American exceptionalism and President Obama.

Mr. Obama came of age in a bubble of post-'60s liberalism that conditioned him to be an adversary of American exceptionalism. In this liberalism America's exceptional status in the world follows from a bargain with the devil--an indulgence in militarism, racism, sexism, corporate greed, and environmental disregard as the means to a broad economic, military, and even cultural supremacy in the world. And therefore America's greatness is as much the fruit of evil as of a devotion to freedom.
Steele's piece does not address criminal law, but the exceptionalism divide comes up all the time in criminal law debates.  The defense side says that Europe does things the way they want them done, and they say this with all the confidence of a bridge player who has just led the ace of trumps for the rubber trick.  The rest of us shrug and say, "So what?"  We are independent of Europe, an achievement we celebrate every Fourth of July.  The fact that Europe disagrees with us does not mean we are wrong and they are right.  Indeed, the opposite is more likely true.

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