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Davis Execution Delayed, But Carried Out

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The US Supreme Court did not issue a stay in the Troy Davis case, but Georgia officials delayed the execution anyway while the high court considered the latest last-ditch petition.  They denied it without dissent.  The order is here.

Since Judge Moore's decision a year ago, excerpted here, finding that Davis's claims were "smoke and mirrors," the case has been to the Supreme Court twice.  On neither occasion was there any dissent from the Court's decision not to take the case.

Clearly, all nine of the Justices find Judge Moore's findings and decision credible.  The Davis PR machine managed to whip up a froth of outrage anyway.  In much of the coverage of the case, Davis's spin is reported as the facts and Judge Moore's careful, thorough decision is discounted or misrepresented.

How many times in the last few days have you heard it reported as fact that seven witnesses recanted?  But it's not a fact.  The judge found that two of the statements are not recantations at all.  Another two were only affidavits obtained by Davis's lawyers, followed by their refusal to call the witness to testify.  Given how easy it is to pressure someone to sign something, that highly suspicious refusal is close to an admission that the affidavit is not the witness's real statement.

Large numbers of people have a grossly distorted view of the facts of this case, and that is not good.

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I watched CNN's coverage of the execution last night. None of the issues with Davis' case for innocence were brought up with anyone. None. Yet, Anderson Cooper confronted the victim's mother with issues raised by Davis.

One of the more irritating things about this case is that race really doesn't appear to have anything to do with it. The energy spent looking into this case was remarkable, and I think what matters was that a cop trying to rescue a homeless man from thugs was killed.

Excellent point about the recantations.

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