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Execution Date for Troy Davis

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The Atlanta Post reports, "A Chatham County judge on Tuesday signed a death warrant for Troy Anthony Davis, who was convicted of killing a Savannah police officer in 1989.  The warrant sets the execution between Sept. 21 and Sept. 28. The state Department of Corrections will set the actual date. Davis has been on death row for 19 years."

Davis's claim of actual innocence resulted in a highly unusual order from the US Supreme Court, describe in this post, sending the case to a District Court to determine that claim.  Upon full hearing, the District Court found an inconvenient truth: "Mr. Davis is not innocent."  Well, inconvenient for Davis and his supporters.

With that out of the way, higher courts declined further review of a case that had already run the full gamut of reviews and then some.  This post from March describes the later action.

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Because Davis is not "provably" innocent in the sense that evidence could conceivably turn up to show that he didn't do it, his execution will bring a few wails, but then everyone but the committed few will move on.

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