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News Scan

Jury Considers Death Penalty Even After Repeal: The New Mexico Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a jury may consider a death sentence for an Albuquerque man convicted of the 2006 murder of a Bernalillo County sheriff's deputy, despite the state's subsequent repeal of the death penalty. Micheal Astorga was convicted of killing Deputy James McGrane Jr. nearly a year after the repeal went into effect on July 1, 2009. The repeal applied only to crimes committed after that date. The Supreme Court ruled that Astorga's defense attorney cannot call experts or legislators to testify about the repeal during sentencing, but that the trial judge will be allowed to instruct jurors about it. Russell Contreras of AP reports this story in Santa Fe.

Mother Seeks Death Penalty for her Daughter's Ex: Emma Gritt of Metro.co.uk (UK) reports Joshua Davies, 16, was sentenced to a minimum of only 14 years in prison for the murder his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend, Rebecca Aylward. Prosecutors say Davies lured the girl into a forest before bludgeoning her to death with a rock and leaving her body face down in the rain. It has been said Davies carried out the acts on the promise of a free breakfast from friends, who did not believe Davies's intentions were serious. Sonia Oatley, Aylward's mother, called for a return of the death penalty: "We will never forgive him for tearing our world apart so brutally and I would welcome the return of capital punishment for the likes of Joshua Davies, who forfeited his human rights when he chose to take my daughter's life."

New California Bill Scrutinizes Sex Offenders: The AP reports a California bill sent to Governor Jerry Brown yesterday will require criminals convicted of sex crimes elsewhere to register as sex offenders if they move to California. Democratic Senator Ellen Corbett says her bill might help track sex offenders such as Phillip Garrido, who was convicted of rape in Nevada and moved to California after his release from prison.

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