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Cop Killer Executed in Florida: The Associated Press reports Manuel Valle, 61, was executed last night in Florida for killing a police officer Louis Pena during a traffic stop 33 years ago. He was pronounced dead at 7:14pm Wednesday. Valle also shot another officer at the time, who was saved by his bulletproof vest. Valle was the first Florida inmate to be executed with a new mix of lethal drugs. Pena's children, who were 13 and 19 when he was killed, were present for the execution.

Former Death Row Inmate Granted Medical Parole Hearing: Sam Stanton of The Sacramento Bee reports California inmate Willie Curtis Miller, 84, has been granted a medical parole hearing. Miller was sentenced to death in 1968 for the sexual assault and murder of an 8-year-old girl. His sentence was converted to life in prison after the U.S. Supreme Court threw out the death penalty in 1972. Now Miller, who is in failing health, has a chance of getting out of prison under California's new medical parole law. 15 inmates have been released under the law since the state began holding medical parole hearings in May. Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully is working to prevent Miller from becoming the 16th, calling him a "savage child molester and murderer."

PA High Court Says Mass Murderer Not Competent for Execution: The Associated Press reports the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that mass killer George Banks is mentally incompetent to be executed. Banks killed 13 people with a semiautomatic rifle in Pennsylvania nearly 30 years ago, including five of his own children. The state Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling on Banks Wednesday, who has been on death row since 1982. His execution was stayed in 2004 after his mother filed a petition asserting that the execution would violate the U.S. Constitution. In the ruling, the justices cited testimony by medical experts who believe that Banks suffers from severe mental illness and is delusional about his crimes.

ICE Arrests Nearly 3,000 Criminal Immigrants: Tim Mak of Politico reports Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Wednesday it arrested nearly 3,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records as part of a week-long sweep. The crackdown took place in all 50 states and led to the arrest of 2,901 individuals of which 151 were convicted sex offenders and 42 were gang members, according to ICE. This was the largest raid of its kind and included more than 1,900 ICE officers. The announcement came the same day U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled that Alabama could enforce key parts of its immigration law.  

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