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Occupational Safety for Violent Criminals

The always provocative Lester Jackson has this article on prosecuting people for defending themselves.  He begins with an interesting analogy to the 1970 Occupational Safety and Health Act and an assertion that the "elite anti-victim mentality" seems to lead some people to believe that criminals deserve a safe workplace in their chosen occupation.

I won't comment on the specific cases he discusses, but it certainly is true that the right of self-defense is too narrowly construed in many jurisdictions, and too many people are prosecuted for actions that should be legal or even praiseworthy.  Here CJLF sometimes splits from our usual allies on the prosecution side of the aisle.  We have filed only three briefs supporting defendants since I have been legal director, and two of them were in allegedly excessive use of force cases.

Also preposterous are civil suits by burglars against property owners for injuries suffered while attempting a felony.  Back when we had more sense, criminal entry onto the property was an absolute defense to such a suit.  Now the insurance company settles.

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