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Stay Denied in Texas Capital Case

The US Supreme Court this morning denied a stay of execution and the petition for certiorari in the case of Texas murderer Steven M. Woods.  The order is here.  No dissent is noted.  The facts and history of the case are here.

Tim Madigan has this story in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Just after sunrise on a spring morning a decade ago, a passer-by spotted the bodies of Ronald Whitehead, 21, and Bethena Brosz, 19, lying near a Denton County golf course. Both had had their throats slashed and been shot repeatedly.
                  *                                *                            *
"Following the murder, Woods almost immediately began bragging about committing the murder," [Denton County prosecutor Michael] Moore said. "He was wearing one of Ron's baseball caps as a trophy and started talking to people about trying to get out of town, where he was going, bragging about it all along the way."
                   *                                *                            *
"In the days and weeks leading up to the murder, Woods started talking about wanting to kill someone to make himself famous," Moore said. "Woods did not like Ron. Witnesses overhead him planning to kill Ron."

Brosz was killed, according to trial testimony, "so there wouldn't be a witness around to testify against them," Moore said.

While Whitehead was dead at the scene, Brosz survived for several hours.

"We watched her suffer for a day and a half before she died," Sheila Brosz said. "She spoke of wanting to be an organ donor, and her request was granted. Seven organs were harvested, and five lives were saved."

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