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Things to Remember, Things to Forget


Things to remember, a non-exhaustive list:

"Let's roll;" Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett, Mark Bingham and Jeremy Glick; "Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.," (George W. Bush, September 20, 2001); Navy SEALS, (May 1, 2011); unknown CIA interrogators who obtained essential intelligence at great cost, risk and calumny; and lots and lots of drones.


Things to forget, a non-exhaustive list:

"Why do they hate us;" anything that is or resembles a "peace quilt;" multicultural sensitivity and other forms of warmed over contempt for the West; "reconciliation," roughly meaning "surrender;" all "cycle of violence" blather; aging peaceniks; and "Give Peace a Chance."


Another for the forget list............

Outreach--an unwise, ham-handed effort to legitimize groups whose influence should be curtailed if not crushed.

I do not disagree with the list of things to remember, and the concurrent list of things to forget.

I do take slight issue with the hyperlinked post on Powerline, however, insofar as I think it is legitimate for the media to note that 9/11 hero Mark Bingham was gay. I think it is a legitimate point because at the time of his heroic actions on 9/11/2001, Mark Bingham could not have served his country in the military because of his sexual orientation. I also take issue with the notion that the heroes of Flight 93 were not sufficiently honored in the media, and the suggestion that Bingham was so honored only because he was gay. I have seen many reports and stories about Flight 93, particularly in the past few days.

Of all the stories of 9/11, the story of Flight 93 in particular touches me deeply, and gives me hope that there are still people in this world who, when faced with unimaginable evil, will willingly sacrifice themselves in order to vanquish it. God bless them.


The reason I used the Powerline piece is that it was the first one I came across that had the names of all four guys who led the resistance - nothing more than that.

There is a stereotype that gay men are not really men. What complete baloney. On the best day of my life, I wonder whether I would have had Mr. Bingham's guts.

I heard a line about those four that I wanted to repeat in the blog, but I couldn't remember the source, so I omitted it. It was thay they knew their lives were forfeit, but their honor wasn't.

Like you, I think Flight 93 gets short shrift. It was, to my way of thinking, a classic of American courage, right up there with Nathan Hale. Perhaps the day will come that it will enjoy the same prominence.

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