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A New Low Blow Against Justice Thomas

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Kent discussed here the efforts to attack Justice Clarence Thomas.  It's hard to decide whether the attacks are more unprincipled or more hypocritical.*  For its humor value if nothing else, it's worth remembering that they were led by, among others, that renowned authority on ethics, Rep. Anthony "Have you seen my latest crotch shot?" Wiener.

My friend Ed Whelan deconstructs the latest in high-tech lynchings here.  One item Ed points out that made me laugh out loud is that the letter demanding Thomas's prosecution for his supposed ethical wrongdoing is signed by the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee  --  a gentleman whose wife is currently serving a 37 month sentence in federal prison for taking bribes while serving on the Detroit City Council.

Ed' article is short and worth the read. 

* I decline to launch the shopworn if ubiquitous charge that they're racist.  Although it's  true that a prominent conservative black man is the special target of liberal seething, I don't think it's directly because of race.  I think it's because of the general intolerance a segment of the Left bears towards dissent by anyone from its pious claim to The Only Received Wisdom.

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Has Justice Thomas ever publicly addressed the irony that he is against affirmative action even though he is a (possibly unwilling) beneficiary of it?

Also, at the time President Bush picked him for the Supreme Court, were there any other black Republicans with more impressive qualifications than Thomas who President Bush could have chosen instead?

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