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DSK and the SoL

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Dominique "Teflon" Strauss-Kahn has escaped another prosecution.  Pierre-Antoine Souchard and Angela Charlton have this story for AP.

This incident in question 8 years ago, as described by Tristane Banon, was attempted rape.  The statute of limitations is 10 years.  "The Paris prosecutor's office said -- without offering details -- that Strauss-Kahn admitted during questioning to actions that qualify for the lesser charge of sexual assault." But that charge has a 3 year statute, which has run.

So they can't charge him with any more than he admitted to, no matter what the victim says?  Apparently they are not going to.

The consolation, I suppose, is that admitting to sexual assault means his political career is over, even in France.

Update:  Now DSK's lawyers deny even the lesser sexual assault.  AP story here.

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As often seems to be the case, Virginia has got it right. The Old Dominion has no statute of limitations on felonies. This simplifies matters and leaves it up to prosecutors whether to pursue a case--and I don't imagine there have been many 50-year-old grand larceny prosecutions in Virginia as a result.

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