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More Want the Supreme Court to Move to the Right

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Gallup has a survey out today showing that, over the last three years, and now, more people think the Supreme Court is too liberal than say it's too conservative.  Specifically, while a  plurality of 42% say the Court is "about right," 31% say it leans too far to the left, while only 20% say it leans too far to the right.

One aspect of the poll that caught my eye was the finding about trust and confidence in the judicial branch, which, as the poll's question points out, is headed by the Supreme Court.  The percentage saying they have trust and confidence is 63%  --  vastly better than President Obama or Congress  --  but the lowest figure since 1976.  That year, perhaps coincidentally (and perhaps not), was the year the Court effectively re-instated the death penalty.  Confidence increased in each of the next 23 years, reaching its  peak (80%) in 1999, which was, perhaps also coincidentally, the peak year for executions (98)..

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