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News Scan

New Website Created in Response to California Prison Realignment: California Republicans have launched a new website, California Crime Watch, in defense of public safety due to the realignment of California prisons that began earlier this month. The website explains what realignment is, what kind of criminals qualify for early release, responds to claims by the Governor, and provides alternative solutions to realignment. Check in with the website to follow the latest news stories and updates on realignment, and be sure to watch the video on the homepage.

Thieves Take Advantage of Occupy Wall Street Protests: Larry Celona, Laura Italiano, Rebecca Harshbarger, Frank Rosario, and Jamie Schram of the New York Post report Occupy Wall Street protesters said yesterday that some demonstrators have proven to be crooks, robbing fellow demonstrators and taking expensive cameras, phones, laptops, and even cash and food. A volunteer from Fort Lauderdale says, "stealing is our biggest problem at the moment." The previous night, as much as $2,500 in donated money that was to be used for the entire kitchen budget for the day was stolen. Yesterday some volunteers scuffled with a main who was calling out to collect donations, but then was pocketing the cash people gave him.

Fresno County Jail Begins Early Release of Prisoners:
Kurtis Alexander of The Fresno Bee reports Fresno County Jail began releasing its least dangerous inmates this past weekend after reaching capacity. After adding 432 beds, police say there was as much as a 27% drop in crime in the city of Fresno as more criminals were kept off the street. Last month Fresno County Jail averaged 50 early releases a day, a number many believe will greatly increase as the state's prison realignment will send more prisoners to county jails instead of state prison. While the Sheriff's Office plans to use state funding to open another floor of the county jail next spring, the extra space is not expected to keep up with the pace of criminals coming in.

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