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Texas Cop Killer Scheduled to be Executed Today: The Associated Press reports that Frank Garcia, 39, is scheduled to be executed in Huntsville, Texas at 6pm local time today for the murder of a police officer. San Antonio police Sgt. Hector Garza was shot in the head four times by Garcia as he responded to a domestic violence call. Garcia said he aimed for Garza's head because he knew police officers wore bullet-proof vests. Garcia also turned the gun on his wife and shot her three times in the head and face. The San Antonio Police Officers Association will send at least 50 representatives from the department on chartered buses to Huntsville in time for the execution tonight.

Judge Extends Order Halting College's Drug Testing of Students: Jim Salter of The Associated Press reports a federal judge extended a temporary restraining order halting a Missouri college's drug testing of students. Linn State Technical College calls for the drug testing of all first-year students and some returning students. Last month the ACLU filed suit challenging the constitutionality of the drug testing, and Tuesday U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey, who granted a temporary restraining order in September, extended the order through November 8. The suit claims the program violates the Fourth Amendment right of students against unlawful search and seizure. Jason Williamson, an attorney for the ACLU, said the extension was made to allow Linn State time to decide how to proceed, and doesn't think Laughrey is likely to change her mind.

Man Whose Murder Conviction Was Overturned Then Reinstated Dies During Appeal: The Associated Press reports Ronald Taylor, 53, who was awaiting a new appeal trial after his overturned murder conviction was reinstated, died of cancer Tuesday at his home in Connecticut. Taylor and co-defendant George Gould were convicted of shooting a grocery store owner to death in 1993, and were sentenced to 80 years in prison. Taylor and Gould were released in April 2010 when a state Superior Court judge ruled them victims of "manifest justice" and declared them "actually innocent" after a key witness recanted her trial testimony. In July, the state Supreme Court reinstated the murder convictions, saying Gould and Taylor hadn't proven their innocence and ordered a new appeal trial for the men. Gould was ordered back to prison in August, but Taylor was allowed to remain free while fighting cancer. Taylor's attorney, Peter Tsimbidaros, says his death doesn't make the case moot. "It's such a unique case and the facts are so extraordinary that Ron's case should continue," he said. The new appeal trial is scheduled to begin in January. 

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Garcia, who aimed for the head because the cops had vests, is now argued by the defense to be mentally retarded. Ridiculous.

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