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Death Penalty Upheld 3rd Time For Cop-Killer: Sandra Chereb of AP reports of the Nevada Supreme Court's decision on Thursday to uphold the death penalty for convicted murderer Edward Wilson, 52, who pleaded guilty to the 1979 killing of undercover Reno police officer James D. Hoff.  The officer's body was found under a pile of rocks in a ditch. He had been stabbed repeatedly. Ever since a three-judge panel sentenced Wilson to death he has been fighting the sentence.  Wilson is currently the longest serving inmate on Nevada's death row. His latest petition on habeas corpus challenged the aggravating circumstances used to qualify him for the death penalty. Nevada's highest court rejected the argument in a 6-0 ruling.

DNA Evidence Links Murder to Crime:  Lucas County Common Pleas Court Judge Gene Zmuda sentenced Robert Bowman, 75, to life on Friday for the 1967 murder, kidnapping and sexual assault of 14-year-old Eileen Adams. Adams disappeared on her way home from her Toledo school, and a year later her body was found in a field bound in a braided, brown rug. Her hands were tied in front of her and a cord was wrapped around her neck and attached to her bound ankles. A nail had been driven into the back of her skull. In the early 1980s detectives first tried to link him to the slaying but failed to gather enough evidence to bring charges.  Five years ago a cold case squad reopened the investigation which uncovered new DNA evidence linking Bowman to the killing.  Police arrested him near Palm Springs, CA, in 2008. John Seewer reports in SF Chronicle.
DA Seeks Death Penalty For Double Murder Case:
A Pennsylvania prosecutor  is seeking the death penalty for Colin Abbott, 40, who allegedly murdered his wealthy father and stepmother and tried to cover up the crime by telling relatives the couple died in a fatal auto-crash. Concerned relatives could not confirm the crash and contacted state police. Police found remains and speculate the victims where shot and burned with the remains scattered on Abbott's small farm  AP reports.  

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