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Why We Have the Death Penalty


Reader federalist sent me this story about a death sentence about to be carried out and the crime for which it was imposed.  It's a story about how one man obtained revenge on his wife.  You can read the details by clicking on the link.

One paragraph in particular struck me:

"Thursday I will be granted closure finally," Dana Johnson told NorthEscambia.com in an exclusive interview. "Although I normally do not agree with capital punishment, I will not lose any sleep over this particular execution.  Whether it is right or wrong I  feel that a weight will be lifted from my soul on Thursday, and finally I will feel relief."

The idea that a sentence of imprisonment, no matter what its length, would be adequate justice for this calculated crime, undertaken against an uncomprehending person for sheer hate, is beyond preposterous.

A picture of the murder victim follows the break.


October 17, 2011

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