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Idaho Execution

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Ruth Brown of the Post Register (Idaho Falls) reports:

After nearly a quarter-century, Junior Haddon still grieves for his son Nolan.

Nolan Haddon died at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center on March 17, 1987, after lying overnight in a walk-in cooler at the Idaho Falls convenience store where he worked as a clerk. He had been shot five times, and his spinal cord had been severed.

His killer, Paul Ezra Rhoades, 54, is set to die at 8 a.m. Friday by lethal injection.

Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit denied Rhoades's stay application on the lethal injection claim yesterday.  Today, the same court denied his application to hold his case for the Supreme Court's decision in Martinez v. Ryan.  Even if Martinez wins his case, his case is sufficiently different from Rhoades's that it is highly unlikely any rule established there would apply.

Update:  KPVI's live blog reports the execution is delayed 55 minutes but still on (i.e., scheduled for 8:55 a.m. MST).  Supreme Court's stay denials are here and here.  No dissent is noted.

Update 2:  Mission accomplished, 9:15 a.m. MST.  See the live blog.

1 Comment

This brutal killer was a poster child for the death penalty. Why it took so long for him to face final justice is beyond me.

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