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Inmates Harass Victims Via Facebook: Don Thompson of The Associated Press reports prison inmates are taking to Facebook to find their victims and accusers, and to intimidate witnesses. Lisa Gesik receives friend requests and messages from her ex-husband, who is currently in prison for kidnapping her and her daughter. "It's just like being victimized all over again," Gesik said. Correction authorities say like in Gesik's case it is difficult to determine for sure who is sending the material, and the few people who are caught rarely face serious consequences. The ability for inmates to have this kind of contact has grown with the number of smart phones smuggled into prisons. Six years ago 261 cell phones were found inside California prisons. This year 12,625 were found in just 10 months. Social networks cut out the middle man, where in the old days to get around no-contact orders prisoners would have to enlist a relative or friend to carry out the harassment or intimidation. "In many ways, the law has not caught up with these changing technologies," said Rob Bovett, an Oregon district attorney whose office prosecuted Gesik's ex-husband, Michael Gladney. Prison officials in California are working with Facebook to identify inmate accounts and take them down, but usually that only happens after the damage has been done.

Connecticut Upholds Death Penalty: Dave Collins of NBC Connecticut reports the Connecticut state Supreme Court upheld on Monday both the state's death penalty law and the death sentence of Todd Rizzo. Rizzo was convicted of killing a 13-year-old boy with a sledgehammer in 1987. Rizzo told police that he had straddled the boy "like a horse" and hit him 13 times with the three-pound sledgehammer because he wanted to know what it felt like to kill somebody. His lawyers had challenged Rizzo's conviction and the legality of the death penalty under Connecticut's Constitution. Rizzo is one of ten men on death row in the state.   

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Wow those inmates can have all the access they want in those cells. I think that they are really enjoying being inside. How do the prison authority address this issue?

Jennylyn from toile cirée

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